I’m a passionate wellness
and lover of
natural healing

It is my life mission to share the magic of doTERRA with as many people as possible so we can all live happy and healthy lives.

Over the last few years I have discovered that not only do doTERRA Essential Oils dramatically improve the health and wellbeing of everyone who uses them, they also offer the opportunity to build your own successful business. It’s the perfect combination.

Whether you simply want to incorporate Essential Oils into your life or build a thriving business, I would love to work with you. My journey with doTERRA has been quite different to most but I am equally (if not more) passionate about sharing what I’ve learned.

“Within Minutes of using Essential Oils myself, I could breathe again”

Here’s my story:

A few years ago a beautiful friend of mine introduced me to Doterra by inviting me to some wellness class about natural solutions. I say some wellness class, not out of disrespect but to show you that I was really skeptical at first and a bit closed off to it all.

Growing up I had always struggled with asthma, mostly nighttime wheezing. Living in a very dry climate that I wasn’t used to at the time, I kept struggling with my sinus and breathing issues.

One day I was brought to tears, desperate to breathe I called my friend and invited her over, she explained to me some essential oils that I still had questions on and then I bought a kit!

Within minutes of using Essential Oils myself, I could breathe again. Ever since I received my kit (which includes your 10 basic essential oils for your family’s everyday health needs) I have not stopped using all my oils but especially the one called Breathe. 

Breathe Doterra essential oil is a respiratory blend that helps promote feelings of clear airways and easy breathing. I love the smell of this particular oil, and I’m grateful for my own experience with this oil.

Which brings us here, to my new addiction to helping people transform their lives through natural living.

Over the course of the years, I have witnessed how other oils have benefited not only me but my kids and my husband. A few months back I ended up in the hospital after days and days of a stomach ache, I knew it was a wake-up call to get back into my wellness journey, and take my health more seriously and make myself a priority again.

Not only does Doterra offer essential oils but they offer a huge line of products to help with your digestive, immune and overall health. 

I am passionate about teaching others how natural solutions can benefit you and your home.

I hope this inspires you to be conscious of your health, we all have a choice and life is so much better when we feel better.


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The Top 10 essential oils for a healthy home.

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