How to have a doTERRA Certified Website

Dec 20, 2019Doterra Websites

Why do you need a doTERRA certified website?

If you’ve started the journey of building your website as a doTERRA wellness advocate. You will need to have it certified and add the doTERRA certified site seal to your website.

Being doTERRA certified and having the doTERRA site seal on your website is a huge deal. This shows your site is approved by corporate and your site and content are 100% complaint. This also means you have permission to talk and share about doTERRA essential oils, and doTERRA products on your website. This is not granted to everyone, but to those who have been allowed, make sure your information is accurate.

We are now offering a done for you website platform for doTERRA wellness advocates that are wanting to grow their business. Let us do the heavy lifting and get your doTERRA certified website without the DIY overload.

How can I get a doTERRA certified website?

You will want to consider adding a privacy policy and FDA disclaimer to your website. You can find a privacy policy generated online by googling “free website privacy policy.” Click here for doTERRA’s FDA Disclaimer here.

There are two major requirements for certification:

  1. Your site must use doTERRA compliant language.
  2. You must have a FDA Disclaimer on your site.

Other useful guidelines

  • It must be clear you are a Wellness Advocate and not doTERRA corporate. Make sure not to use doTERRA or Trademarks in the site header, title or subtitle of your site.
  • Make sure you don’t promote any free gifts in addition to doTERRA’s corporate promotions, or create an unfair advantage that may devalue doTERRA’s products.
  • As a Wellness Advocate your welcome to share your essential oil DIY tips and personal recipes for home use. You cannot sell or attribute the finished product as a doTERRA product.
  • Section 5 J of our policies states: Repackaging Prohibited. Wellness Advocates may not print their own labels or repackage dōTERRA products. Products are to be sold in their original packaging only. Similarly, Wellness Advocates may not advertise the use of dōTERRA oils as ingredients to non dōTERRA products, such as components of a separate product or ingredients in food recipes, without the written consent of the Company.
  • You are able to sell products on your online store at wholesale prices. You must not alter the product or separate it from a kit.

The benefits of having a doTERRA certified website:

  1. If you wish to have a doTERRA presence online you are required to be certified.
  2. You are now able to use doTERRA’s logos, images, and share about doTERRA proprietary blends, and link to doTERRA’ site.
  3. You’ll have access to FREE marketing tools, information, and photos to use on your site.
  4. You can use generated links to help enroll new members quickly and easily without confusion. It helps grow your team and keeps them learning and growing.

How to submit your Website for DoTERRA certification:

Once you’ve added the FDA disclaimers and your content aligns with DoTERRA compliance, you’re ready to submit your site.

Simply go to http://doterracertifiedsite.com/registration and fill in the form. Make sure you enter your exact web address as the domain appears, this is necessary to ensure your doTERRA seal will check on in doTERRA validation system.

You will receive a link where you can generate the code for the seal and easily add that code to your site. DoTERRA’s system will make sure is still complaint. Please note Corporate may remove your rights to use the doTERRA seal and trademarks if you do not maintain compliance.

You will need to wait patiently after your submission. The process should not extend over 5-7 days. If for any reason you don’t hear back by then you send a follow up to claimseducation@doterra.com. See the policy manual 12.D.9 for complete details on doTERRA policies.


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