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Pregnancy can bring on all kinds of emotions when you first find out you are pregnant you are full of joy and maybe even tears of joy! It’s also hard because your body starts changing and you can’t quite tell everyone just yet, so you have to keep it a secret, and if you are like me keeping secrets is hard for you to do.

As this being my fourth pregnancy, I was feeling scared at first, nervous, happy, depressed, I am not kidding, you think this is one of the greatest moments in your life but honestly I wasn’t feeling like that all. I have been using Doterra essential oils for about five years now and there are times like this I am super grateful I started on this oil journey. I used all my emotional roll-ons every single day, took them everywhere I went because when you are pregnant, at least for me, my emotions are everywhere.

The first trimester brought some nausea, also known as morning sickness, although that’s just a name, my nausea seemed to be high in the evenings. I switched from taking my lifelong vitality supplements from the morning to midday to help alleviate some of the queasiness. Today I want to share with you my go-to oils for nausea, it has helped me during pregnancy of course, but it can also help whenever you feel nauseous whether pregnant or not.

“did you know one drop of peppermint is equivalent to 28 cups of peppermint tea!?”

My number one favorite is Peppermint Oil. I love the smell of peppermint, I put a few drops in my brownies when making peppermint brownies, did you know one drop of peppermint is equivalent to 28 cups of peppermint tea!? That is some serious potent oil, anyway getting distracted with food because well I’m still growing a baby inside me J Peppermint aids digestion, you can put a drop in your water, it ads a delicious flavor, I sometimes put a drop straight on my tongue. It helps to freshen your breath, so as you can see you can take it internally (make sure it is a pure therapeutic grade, as it is the only peppermint oil that is safe for ingestion). You can also use essential oils aromatically, I put a few drops in a diffuser and it smells like Christmas! I also close my eyes, take a deep breath and inhale it straight from the bottle when I’m on the road, or start feeling nauseous. It has helped a ton! You guys! If I didn’t feel this strongly about it, I wouldn’t be writing this! Peppermint is a must have in our home, it’s the oil that convinced my husband “this stuff” works! Maybe next blog I’ll write or have him share a bit about his own experience because I know us mom’s love essential oils and sometimes our husbands just don’t get it haha.

My second go-to oil is Ginger Oil, oh my goodness now Doterra has ginger drops, where was this in my first trimester!? What a brilliant idea! Ginger might not be as pleasing to my taste buds as peppermint is but I have learned to love it. Ginger oil also helps support healthy digestion, helps reduce bloating, gas and occasional indigestion. It has helped reduce my nausea on several occasions, so what I will do is apply one drop into the palm of the hand and inhale, I also apply it directly on my belly. If I am brave enough I will also place a drop right on my tongue but have to follow it with the peppermint oil. I have linked both of these oils for you to see their directions for use and primary benefits. Please always consult a doctor, especially being pregnant and all and keep them informed of what oils you are using, and be cautious of what you are putting in your body, and always always dilute (this means to use a carrier oil like coconut for safety application on topical skin).

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