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I love offering support to anyone and everyone using Essential Oils via my social media channels. Check out my Facebook and Instagram pages (especially the stories) because that’s where I get super REAL with y’all!

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  • If I enrolled you personally we’re already connected and I would love to work with you one on one.
  • If you’re in my wider team, I offer support in a private Facebook group and via email for those not on Facebook. If you don’t have access to this yet please contact me.

Whether you’re in my team or another doTERRA team, I want to make sure you have an incredible experience with Essential Oils. For my top tips on how to get started with your oils, register for my welcome email series here.

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YES GIRL! You now get to make huge changes in the lives of so many people!

Not only those you share oils with, but every single person involved. If you are ready to be truly moved by this process check out: www.sourcetoyou.com. But first hit the contact button so we’re connected. I am ready to build with you.


What is sharing doTERRA? Simply put, it’s sharing a product you absolutely love. I will walk you through the process including an exclusive program that teaches you the basic elements of sharing.


Build is taking your passion for all things doTERRA and turning it into an income. Life is much simpler (and more enjoyable) when you don’t have to worry about paychecks.

Not yet?

If you’re interested in learning more about oils, guess what, I’m equally excited. Sharing or building may be a possibility but you really want to start using oils NOW and find out why sharing and building is so easy if you love the product. I love offering support no matter where you’re at. Whichever level you’re drawn to, I will meet you there, ALWAYS. 


Earning levels for doTERRA Wellness Advocates that appear in this publication are examples and should not be construed as typical or average. Income level achievements are dependent upon the individual Wellness Advocate’s business skills, personal ambition, time, commitment, activity and demographic factors. For average earnings, see the doTERRA Earnings Statement found at doTERRA.com


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